What to plant in a cat garden

  Medicine garden plants for dogs are safe for them to nibble on. These herbs provide health benefits to your dogs whenever they decide to chew on a leaf or two. 

All the garden plants that are toxic should be avoided. Your dogs can use safe plants to self medicate.

If a dog is feeling slightly distressed or emotionally upset, they can usually identify an herb that will help and can chew on a bit of it in order to feel more of a sense of comfort.

Dogs and several other animals are good at self medicating. This means that your dog will use their senses to find the plant that they may need at a particular time. 

If you have already observed a dog nibbling on grass whenever they feel ill, it’s self medication in progress. By having a variety of plants in your garden, your dog can select the one that is best for their needs at a particular moment.

Mint is a good plant to have in a sensory garden for dogs. Mint as you already know is popular among humans because it helps to calm the stomach. Many people drink mint when they’re feeling nauseous. 

Similarly, lavender also helps human beings to feel more relaxed at times when they’re under stress. It has the same effect on your dog so it can be included in your sensory garden.

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