Natural Diuretics for Dogs with Congestive Heart Failure

Natural Diuretic for Dogs with Congestive Heart Failure

Hawthorn, and dandelion diuretic root for edema, help dogs with water retention. A blend of these natural diuretic foods or beverages for edema will also help people who have swelling from fluid retention. This type of swelling from having excess fluid in the body can occur anywhere inside the body.

You should not panic if your dog has swelling in their face or some other part of their body at some point. For example, dogs may have edema in their feet or around their throat. Speak to your vet about it.

Treating Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs With Diet

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Natural Diuretics Medications For Dogs – Help the Heart Pump Better
Water pills for dogs or natural diuretics medications for dogs work by helping to eliminate excess fluid from your dog’s body. A dog diuretic is specially formulated for canines and should not be used with other animals that are in the same household.

Hawthorn is a powerful dog diuretic. It:
Reduces fluid buildup
Alleviates the symptoms of CHF in dogs
Helps dogs that are tired or wheezing from CHF
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