List of Natural Diuretic Foods for Dogs with CHF

List of Natural Diuretic Foods for Dogs with CHF

Natural Diuretic Foods for Dogs with CHF will help your dog to exercise, run and play in a more relaxed state. If your dog has congestive heart failure, there are also natural supplements that can help. 
Speak to your holistic vet about how hawthorn and dandelion can help. These are natural, over the counter diuretics that can help both people and dogs, when used along with other treatments that are recommended by your doctor or veterinarian.

An over the counter diuretic for dogs relieves some of the pressure that your dog feels. Diuretics for dogs remove excess fluid from around the heart, allowing it to do its job. Dogs affected by CHF may avoid exercise because it makes them feel tired.
If your holistic veterinarian recommends diuretics for your dog, they might also suggest heart-healthy chewables such as the following:
Vetriscience Laboratories Cardio Canine Cardiovascular Health Support  

Wonder Paws Cardio Support Cardiovascular Chews  

When a dog has heart disease, their muscles cannot get blood, and oxygen, in the same way that they usually would. If your dog chases around your home for a few minutes, they may feel exhausted. An over the counter diuretic for dogs like dandelion can help them to be more relaxed during exercise, because dandelion helps their heart to function better.

Natural Diuretic Foods for Dogs
You can include the following natural diuretic foods as ingredients in the meals that your dog eats to help with edema:
Flax seed
Hawthorn is a natural diuretic. Your holistic veterinarian can discuss hawthorn’s benefits with you.
This blend of hawthorn and other herbs that support the heart can help.

Ginger also helps dogs that have an upset stomach.

Dog Eating Celery

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A dog diuretic is a congestive heart failure treatment that usually works fairly quickly. That’s why many veterinarians will prescribe a water pill such as Furosemide, when a dog has CHF. This type of treatment for CHF can even allow your dog to have more time with you.

While the general opinion is that CHF cannot be reversed, you can do several things to improve your dog’s quality of life. You can also slow down the progression of the illness by using natural diuretics for dogs. It is important to keep your veterinarian aware of any questions you may have, and talk with them about heart supplements like dandelion and taurine that can help your dog to feel better.

Natural diuretics for dogs will usually have to be given for as long as your dog has the condition. However, as long as you use an OTC dog diuretic, you’ll continue to observe an improvement in your dog’s health.


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