Does dietary protein contribute to bladder stones?

    Can high protein dog food cause a urinary tract infection?

If your dog or cat has a urinary tract infection, you may be wondering if high protein food has contributed to that health condition.

There currently is not a lot of evidence pointing to high protein in your dog’s diet as a direct cause of urinary tract infections. However, having a lot of protein in their diet can change the acidity of your dogs urine. That is, dogs that have a high level of protein in their diet tend to have more acidic urine. 

When a dog’s urine is very acidic, they’re more likely to form bladder stones. The problem is that when a dog forms bladder stones, these bladder stones make it more likely that they will develop urinary tract infections. If your dog has bladder stones, they will tend to have cloudy urine or smelly urine.

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